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Every year, Rosemary Hills celebrates its rich and diverse community with Multicultural Night! Mark your calendar for this year's event, which is on Sat., February 10 from 5-7 p.m.


If you've never been to this event before, please join us! It's truly remarkable to see the parade of students proudly donning native dress, from colorful saris to kilts, and to learn about one another's heritage in our World Showcase. We'll have entertainment from the Mayur Dance Troop, a company that performs Indian dance, and Mrs. Coleman, our music teacher, will lead some fun family dancing.

The night culminates with our fabulous potluck. Every family should bring a dish to share. (Don't like cooking? Many families bring store-bought items.) The dinner really is an amazing opportunity to expose your kids to culinary treats from around the world! It's also moving to hear the stories behind the delicious family recipes people lovingly prepare. 
 The PTA sent home an activity for your child to do--a flag to decorate that reflects your family's heritage. Please bring these decorated flags to the event to post at school! Your children will enjoy seeing the many different countries represented at Rosemary Hills. You can download the activity here if you've misplaced yours, need extra for siblings, or your child wants to represent multiple aspects of your family's heritage.
Contact our event co-chairs Evelyn Harleston or Tiffany Rogers with any questions. We're also looking for someone to chair or co-chair this event next year, so if you're interested, please reach out to Evelyn or Tiffany. Thanks, and we hope to see you at Multicultural Night!

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