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Kindergarten Orientation 2015 Kindergarten Orientation 2015

Welcome new RHPS families! We're so excited you've joined our community. We understand that starting elementary school is both thrilling and overwhelming. Rest assured that the entire RHES team does an amazing job at making the transition as smooth as possible for your child.


The PTA offers myriad ways for your family to make friends in this new community, and for you to get a peek inside your child's new world at RHES.


1) Volunteer to become a room parent in your child's class (there will be a sign up sheet in your child's classroom at Open House or Back-to-School Night). This job requires minimal commitment and is shared with another parent in your child's class. It's a great way to get to know another parent, your child's teacher, the children in your child's class, as well as other room parents in other classes.


2) The PTA coordinates volunteers to help the school with getting children on and off the bus at arrival and dismissal at the beginning of school, as well as to help with children during lunch and recess. These volunteer opportunities provide you with an inside look at your child's new world, and you can see how they're faring on the playground and whether they're really eating that great lunch you packed! You can also get to know other parents who are volunteering, and get to know the children in your child's class. Their face will light up when they see your face in the lunchroom or on the playground! 


3) Volunteer to help at a PTA-sponsored event like the back-to-school picnic. These events are great fun, and are a fantastic to way to meet other parents. You can chat while you hand out popsicles, and feel good knowing you are helping out our community. To volunteer, reach out to the committee chairs for each event listed on our PTA Leadership page.


4) Join our listserv! To join, simply send an email to  and list your name and your child's name and grade. The PTA uses this to communicate about events and reminders, and the RHPS community uses to post information about interesting camps, chlildcare opportunities, community events, MCPS issues, and more.


If you have more questions about the transition to kindergarten, feel free to reach out to our PTA leaders directly.

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